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We would like to invite you to join as a Fitness Influencer!  Earn money while exercising or engaging in any sporting activities!  Below is a summary of the Fitness Influencer position.


The Fitness Influencer/Vlogger (Video Blogger) will produce inspiring fitness videos and written fitness blogs for  A successful Fitness Influencer/Vlogger will create and upload written fitness blogs and/or 45 second to 2 minute video clips related to fitness on a daily basis.  The Fitness Influencer/Vlogger should be charismatic, have a passion for fitness, and be entrepreneurial.



* Create and upload motivating fitness videos to

* Create and upload motivating, written fitness blogs to

* Create and upload fitness videos to

* Brainstorm written, photo, and video blog ideas related to fitness

* Increase your profile followers


Sporting Activities is defined as any athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.  Examples are running, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, tennis, golf, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, rugby, rowing, etc.

Please note that the compensation for this position ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of USD dollars weekly and is based on several factors, some of which are as follows:

* Quality of viewers (age, gender, location, mobile, desktop, etc.) for your posted articles, videos, photos

* Views per by geographic location for your posted articles, videos, photos

* Total number of fitness videos, photos, articles uploaded to your profile

* Upload frequency of your fitness photos, videos, articles (ex. daily, weekly, or monthly)

* Audience engagement time per photo, video, article

* Viewer count per photo, video, article

* Your total number of profile followers


Paychecks are sent weekly (compensation must reach a minimum of USD $100 to be sent weekly).

If you would like to earn money while exercising or engaging in any sporting activities, become a Fitness Influencer!

TO GET STARTED AS FITNESS INFLUENCER, CONTACT US VIA EMAIL AT  Not into fitness, no problem.  Share this opportunity with someone who has an interest in fitness.